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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Calvin was always surrounded by great music. Be it the classic Motown sound, The British Invasion or the latest in Rock and Roll, music was instrumental in his developmental years. He can recall the Ice Cream man rolling down the street with “Green Onions” or “Shot Gun” playing from his speakers. Indeed Calvin’s formative years were nurture by soulful music that set the stage for what would become his life long passion.

Maturing, Calvin would grasp more of the European sounds of the late 70’s and the early 80’s and also the new wave groove of the B-52’s out of Athens, Georgia. Calvin would get his 1st chance at Djing while at Cooley High School on the Northwest side of Detroit. His true influences would come from stations such as WJLB, WLBS and WDRQ. It is from these outlets that Calvin would gain exposure to club music. People such as Dwayne Bradley, Ken Collier, Delano Smith, Jeff Mills, The Electrifying Mojo, Darryl Shannon, prompted Calvin to turn his attention to House music.

Calvin isn’t ashamed to talk about the addictiveness of House music. It was his exposure to house in these early years that motivated him to pursue his street/Mobile DJ career. The 1st gig found Calvin at a friend’s house with his belt driven Technics, and a sound system that he rented from fellow DJ Al Heath. As impromptu as it may have been, it was the push that Calvin needed to start purchasing more music and spending countless hours practicing in his bedroom. In the fall of 1980 on the campus of Western Michigan University, Calvin would be introduced to Hamilton Murray, another aspiring DJ from Detroit. Hamilton was also starting to get deep into House; he was also an associate of the Direct Drive DJ Crew. Direct Drive was one of the hottest crews in Detroit when it came to parties, and their style is what was missing at WMU. Upon returning home from WMU, Calvin could be heard at several parties at the Y, U of D, the legendary Downstairs Pub as well as countless private functions.

In 1984 Calvin would pick up a full time job and other responsibilities that would move him away from DJing. Never too far from the music, Calvin stayed current with all of the latest tracks, knowing one day he would again pursue his love. In 1987 Calvin moved to Atlanta, GA. It was in Atlanta that Calvin would broaden his musical taste even further. At the time of his arrival, the musical vibe in Atlanta was one that was geared more towards the top 40’s and the musical style that was coming out of Florida. Never one to run from a challenge, Calvin would once again find himself being educated on new styles of music, Reggae, Soca, Latin, and Miami Bass. Throughout the Southeast Calvin would have the chance to play in states such as Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina.  In 1990 Calvin would form Calvin’s Music Delivery Service, a mobile entertainment company. It has been said that Calvin has some of the best sound when it comes to House music and equipment rental.

In the last eight years Calvin has played the cities of Chicago, Detroit, San Juan, Miami, Cincinnati as well as several late night, underground parties. In the spring of 2006 Calvin teamed up with Michael Alan to bring SWEAT to the House heads of Atlanta. SWEAT started as a monthly event held on the 4th Saturday of the month. Focusing on deep, sexy, vocals and uplifting House with a bit of dance and disco classics, SWEAT has become a place where true HOUSE HEADS can come to get their Deep House fix.

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